BCAA before running to prevent muscle loss??

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Hi so just a quick short-change intro: I again started filching weights in GYM after 8 months of lockdown. Meanwhile during lockdown I started running again. So now currently I’m go 10 k 4 times a week and promoting heaviness 5 times a week.

So my question is should I add BCAA only “before running” to prevent muscle loss ?? As I don’t wanna loose my advantages and strength. I do consume whey protein just after guiding but I’m subjects of concern muscle loss during rolling as I run in FASTED state in morning.

My flow schedule breakup 😛 TAGEND

Day 1: Running 10 k as fast as I can

Day 2: Tempo or interlude training for 10 k

Day 3: ESR 10 K

Day 4: 12 -1 3K at marathon pace

PS: I’m a non-meat eater but I do consume eggs and dairy. Too cannot replace BCAA and protein informant by food as I’m on some serious weight loss program.

Thanks for your fortitude, I truly do appreciate your efforts to answer my question.

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