Topical Lemon Balm Lotion for Alzheimer’s

Improving cognitive operation with aromatherapy in young, health volunteers is an aspect, but how about where it truly matters? As I discuss in my video Best Aromatherapy Herb for Alzheimer’s, a group of Japanese researchers had a pie-in-the-sky notion that particular smellings could lead to “nerve rebirth” in Alzheimer’s patients. Twenty years ago, even simply conjuring such a possibility as a hypothetical was heretical. Everybody knew that the loss of neurons is irreparable. In other messages, dead nerve cells are not replaced, a major factor in neurodegenerative illness. That’s what I was taught and what everyone was taught, until 1998.

Patients with advanced cancer volunteered to be injected with a special dye that’s incorporated into the DNA of brand-new cells. On postmortem, investigates then departed hunting for gut cells that illuminated up in the psyches. And, as “youre seeing” at 1:14 in my video, there they were: brand-new nerve cadres in the brain that didn’t exist just days or months before, supporting “that cell genesis occurs in human mentalities and that the human brain retains the potential for self-renewal throughout life”–something in which we can take comfort.

It still doesn’t mean stinks can help, though. An aromatherapy regimen of rosemary, lemon, lavender, and orange important petroleums was attempted for a month. At 1:43 in my video, “youre seeing” the trajectory of the subjects’ cognitive part and their ability to form abstract feelings starting six weeks before the treatment. Prior to the aromatherapy regimen, there was a very continuous diminish, which was overturned after the aromatherapy. The researchers concluded that aromatherapy may be efficacious and “have some potential for improving cognitive purpose, especially in AD[ Alzheimer’s disease] patients”–all, of course, without any supposed side effects.

What about severe dementia? We always hear about the cognitive deficiencies, but more than half of patients with dementia experience behavioral or psychiatric symptoms. Thorazine-type antipsychotic doses are often prescribed, even though they appear to be particularly dangerous in the elderly. “Antipsychotic medication may be viewed as an easier option than non pharmacological alternatives, ” such as aromatherapy. Another study examined the effect of rubbing a lemon balm-infused lotion on the arms and face of patients twice daily by caregiving staff, compared with lotion without the aroma. “During the 4 weeks, significant improvements were seen” in outcry, hollering, screaming, and physical aggressivenes, as were the quality of life indications, with cases less socially withdrawn and more engaged in productive tasks, compared to the unscented control. This is important because antipsychotics effect cases to become more withdrawn and less engaged. They are like a chemical self-discipline. The narcotics can reduce agitation, extremely. So, aromatherapy with lemon salve “is safe, well abode, and highly efficacious, with additional benefits on key quality of life parameters.”

These acquires clearly reveal the need for longer-term multicenter experiments, ” but we never had any, until…never. We still don’t have any. This study conducted during 2002, and there have been no follow-ups. Is that a surprise? Who’s going to fund such research studies: Big Balm?

I’ve produced one other video on lemon balm: Reducing Radiation Damage with Ginger and Lemon Balm. We develop lemon ointment in our garden. It makes a savory tea. Give it a try!

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