It baffles me that while proper nutrition is meant to be a staple for good health and well-being, there is a lack of consistency of what “health” or “proper nutrition” actually is. And at the same time, it feels that the health aspect of proper health is constantly replaced with marketing.

I have a long history with nutrition and fitness.

I do not call myself an expert by any means.

I do nonetheless have a psychology degree and I can predominantly say from my observations towards nutrition and wellbeing and fitness and reflections from my own experience in the subject.

I must admit, even I struggle to maintain a balance with proper nutrition, specially because I also got my own vices because I am a foodie and I like to eat and know-how different cuisines like an adventure or an experience.

At the same time, I also have a rough record with nutrition and fitness.

I was overweight when I was young and while I am not overweight now, I still have those minuscule panics of being overweight again even though I( supposedly) was aware how to take care of my torso and health.

I likewise had an eating disorder long ago( and maybe a slight obsession with fitness and a bit of orthorexia) and while it is gone now, the temptations and sins still lurks in the back of my memory and I am persistently fighting against it while at the same time questioning whether my actions towards being healthy or trained are actually my own picks, or are influenced by singers in the background.

And yes, I too struggle with mental issues and sometimes, nutrient is a comfort, and so is fitness sometimes( in a bad way – a lane of feeling like I am in control ).

But over the years, I took a deep dive into the whole idea of nutrition and proper health for the sake of cutting out my rough spots and reshaping my mentality towards nutrition and look into the science and back up my habits with verified information rather than what my gut says or based on the rumors and attires that I gained over the years.

And throughout my years of searching into this subject, the more baffled I get.

For starters, it is both interesting and perplexing that the “health” is very ambiguous and this has become a good opprutunity for people to exploit this into their own interests.

I have encountered many things that are still being debated whether the government healthy or not or helpful or not. Heck, even I feel for this throughout my journey- low-fat nutritions, dietary adds-on, fitness chores that have been done by someone who is into fitness instead of someone who is more qualified, cults and unverified investigate that people still accept or said rumors about( what is using announced “bro science”)

I was even appalled when I learned that the whole idea that fat compiles you fat was a big inaccuracy and was pushed by the sugar industry to sell more sugar and we already know the unhealthy side of what carbohydrate does if taken in excess.

And then there are the other complications about maintaining checks and balances with suitable nutrition and food and fitness- culture.

Let’s face it – we live in an era of excess hitherto at the same time, we are constantly attacked with ads that capitalise on what we receive from said excesses.

We have hand-pickeds of many kinds – different menus of every feeling and wish, health , non-healthy, small-minded, large and even super massive.

At the same time, we are also disclosed with ads about fitness and diets and physical likenes and abs and muscles and so on.

And this is where I get really confused sometimes and query “what do I truly demand? “

More often than not, the science towards fitness and nutrition is all super complicated and not consistent. Everyone has their own minds and conclusions and maybe some are financed by the wrong beings or parties understand the research results differently.

I keep on realising that the whole idea with state with regards to nutrition and fitness and wellbeing are all so super complicated that is no “one size fits all” approach hitherto I feel as though we are constantly being fed with this but with several different ways and structures while also, being constantly persuaded to buy, or ogle and spend or obsess about many things that may in the end be unhealthy- sugary products, simulates with sure-fire physiques, fitness cultures with specific undesirable attitudes of fitness lifestyle and diet choices.

It is no wonder numerous people are perplexed when nutrition and dieting and fitness are involved and no wonder numerous beings end up with eating disorders or mental problems or feeling like they have no control over their own lives when it comes to health.

Heck, sometimes even I am a little confused all this with my own life when it comes to health and even I feel like I am not sure what I am doing.

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