Can Vitamin C Supplements Help with Lead Poisoning?

“Even if a nutritional manipulation is proven effective in reducing blood leading levels, trust on such an intervention regions most of the burden for prevention on those most affected and least responsible for the underlying environmental causes of lead toxicity. Nutritional involvements, hence, must never substitute for efforts to reduce lead exposure to safe status. On the other hand, when used as an adjunct to environmental meters, some nutritional reforms may prove to have benefits beyond any impact on lead toxicity.” For example, consumption of vitamin C-rich foods may help with “blood pressure, blood lipid sketches, and respiratory evidences, ” in addition to perhaps forcing “lead toxicity through an influence on absorption of make, abolition of conduct, transport within the body, material tying, or secondary mechanisms of toxicity, ” that is, even only curing ameliorate some of the damage. But what is this based on?

In 1939, a remarkable study was published, entitled “Vitamin C care in lead-in poison, ” in which 17 extend manufacture proletarians were given 100 mg of vitamin C a era, the amount found in one or two oranges, and “with practically all of them there was a marked gain in vivacity, color of scalp, cheerfulness, blood paint, appetite and ability to sleep well.” The 17 employees were chosen because they seemed to be in pretty bad shape and maybe even had scurvy, so it’s no wonder a little vitamin C cured. But vitamin C is an antioxidant, and oxidation is “an important mechanism underlying lead toxicity, ” so it’s conceivable that it may have liaised some of the injure. But, the vitamin C didn’t appear to simply reduce the damage from the lead–it also increased the induce itself. As you can see from 1:43 in my video Can Vitamin C Help with Lead Poisoning ?, the amount of make in a painter’s urine over a period of a month after starting 200 mg of vitamin C a daytime exhibited a five-fold drop, hinting he was absorbing less of the lead into his organization. He was one of three painters researchers tried this on, and plainly all three painters’ tiers plunged. The researchers concluded that those “exposed to lead…should be advised to include in their nutrition spate of such rich sources of vitamin C as tomatoes( fresh or canned ), raw lettuce, oranges or grapefruit, fresh spinach( or even cooked, in very little water ), fresh turnips, green bell seasonings, cantaloupe, etc.”

Now, this drop in lead in the subjects’ urine was construed with only 3 painters, and the study didn’t have a control group of painters who didn’t take vitamin C, so perhaps everyone’s lead heights ought to have been descent for some other reason or perhaps “its just” a coincidence. You don’t know…until you put it to the test.

Those original data were so compelling that others were inspired to try to replicate them. I represent, if it actually ran, if vitamin C could help with lead poison, grapefruits “couldve been” handed out at the factory door! The earlier study didn’t have a good control group, but the researchers weren’t going to oblige that same mistake this time. For the purposes of this report, half of the group got 100 mg of vitamin C a day–not just for a month but for a year–and the other group got nothing. The upshot? “Careful study of a large group of lead workers failed to reveal any effect of ascorbic acid vitamin C…on the conduct accumulation in the blood…or urine”( emphasis added ). There was no divergence in their physical requirement and no changes in their blood work, so “no reason has been acquired for recommending the use of ascorbic acid vitamin C to minimize effects of guide absorption.” What a displeasure. It appeared so promising!

Whenever I study a topic, I try to read the research chronologically so I can experience the detections as they happened throughout biography. At this station, though, I was so invited to mount to a recent scrutinize to see what had happened in the interfere 74 years since that first study was published, but I didn’t want to spoiler alert! myself, so I restrained predicting the papers sequentially. There were in vitro studies where investigates dripped antioxidants on conduct disclosed cells and it seemed to help, so they pranced on the cantaloupe bandwagon, more, but these were test tube studies.

The first population study being issued in 1999, and, as you can see at 4:02 in my video, investigates did find that those with high vitamin C status in their blood tended to have lower conduct status. Boys with the highest vitamin C heights had a practically 90 percent lower prevalence of hoisted blood induce ranks compared to those with the lowest vitamin C grades. Now, this was a cross-sectional study, precisely a snapshot in time, so we don’t know if the vitamin C made a drop in lead or if perhaps the pas induced a drop in vitamin C. Lead is a pro-oxidant, so maybe it munch up the vitamin C. And who has higher vitamin C tiers? Those who can afford to have higher vitamin C tiers and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. “It is also possible that higher ascorbic acid grades may represent healthier lifestyles or greater socio-economic status.” Indeed, maybe lower vitamin C degrees are only a proxy for being poverty-stricken, and that’s the real reason for higher conduct levels.

There are lots of good reasons to be eating more fruits and vegetables, and we should be eating more spinach regardless, but it would be nice to know if vitamin C actually helps with cause poisoning. And, to be recognised that, it is essential to framed it to the test.

Unfortunately, the majority of members of the published interventions are not very helpful, with such claims as “Effects of dietary vitamin C supplementation on lead-treated sea cucumbers ,…. ” And, there is a surprising number of articles on the impact of vitamin C supplementation on mouse testicles. Why? Because lead may impair male fertility. Indeed, guide workers appear to have a reduced likelihood of papa children, but this may in part be due to oxidative stress. In all such cases, how about contributing an antioxidant, like vitamin C, and putting it to the test( es )? No, I’m not talking about rat testes or suggesting frog testes. Neither am I proposing crab testes.( I didn’t even know crabs had testicles !) Lastly, here’s one to discuss: “Clinical relevance of vitamin C among lead-exposed infertile men.” A study of the human rights somebodies, which I will plow in Yellow Bell Peppers for Male Infertility and Lead Poisoning ?.

I’m ever conflicted about writing these types of blogs and creating videos like Can Vitamin C Help with Lead Poisoning ?. I can imagine some really demand “the answer, ” but those with vested and commercial interests often exploit that natural inclination. This is problem with science in general, but perhaps particularly in nutrition. When it comes to something as life-or-death important as what to feed ourselves and our families we shouldn’t time follow someone’s sentiments or notions on such matters. We should demand to see the social sciences. That’s what I try to do : Present the available data as moderately and even-handedly as possible, and let you make up your own mind. You can imagine how easily someone could cherry-pick time one or two studies and present a misrepresented but compelling instance for or against, in this case, vitamin C augments. That’s why I feel it’s important to present each study in their historic situation. Stay adjusted for the thrilling inference in Yellow Bell Peppers for Male Infertility& Lead Poisoning ?.

For those of you who are thinking, Why should I care about induce? I don’t eat paint chips or use leaded gasoline. Anyway, what’s the big deal ?, check out my full successions of make videos for information on how we got into this mess and some of the ways we can dig ourselves out 😛 TAGEND

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