Just a couple Q’s on topics that’ve been on my mind for a WHILE.

I’ve attempted to understand a pair topics on my own, but maybe I don’t more have the assortment to know what to look into at the moment. Any insight is greatly realized !! 🙂

Are we all prone to hypertension as we age?

-To eschewed hypertension, do I precisely avoid overworking my kidneys throughout life? And even then, can healthy beings time often develop hypertension merely from genetics regardless?

-Can salt intake be padded with other nutrients? Kind of how sugar is padded by fiber to reduce the blood sugar spike?

-There seem to be so many older people that avoid salt because of their requirement and I’m trying to think about how to avoid that lifestyle deepen as I age.

Why is saturated overweight demonized so hard?

-I even had a professor say coconut oil is terrible for you because of it’s very high seat overweight structure. And what about eggs? They’re boasted as a superfood approximately, more they are often demonized for solid and dietary cholesterol with the older crowd.

-Thinking about how the French and Mediterranean’s chew high-pitched baby-sit fat nutritions and don’t have disproportionate force troubles, on top of having greater overall state?

-In terms of a traditional ketogenic nutrition for example, what’s wrong with having higher total cholesterol from high sit solid intake? Does it resonate right that as long as you have enough HDL for the LDL you have, you’re gilded?( Likewise HDL carries LDL from arteries back to liver for processing right ?)

-Opinions on whether high-pitched sat fat intake contributes to heart disease or not? I always punched a wall when I draw out different studies both claiming their slopes to be true.

Tyyyyyy 🙂 ))

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