Feeling strangely better after changing my diet again…

So just before my( 20 M) 18 th birthday I heard about the carnivore diet and decided to try it and it “cured” my sadnes( temporarily ). It gave me the linchpin to get out of an abusive tie-in and pick up new pastimes. I fastened to it for a year, and then started trying to add menus back into my diet that weren’t carnivore. I started relapsing back into sucking and drugs very quickly, as the depression started settling it’s teeth back in. I don’t fairly understand how this happened. How it drove in the first place or how everything came back so quickly after all was said and done. Over this past thanksgiving weekend, I had a huge mental disintegration, which followed months of ancestry. I would pull out my mane in the shower, cry at random experiences of the working day, my eyesight would blur, I would get migraines from the stress and all too frequently think about suffer myself( putting cigarettes out on my limbs, peeling the skin on my forearm, dousing myself with scalding liquids, etc .) or suicide.

I spent months going down this spiral, having my friends and family watch me, looking for any glimpse of hope that wouldn’t be mashed or adulterated by the weight of actuality. As far as it leads, there is a bit that would psychologically be reason enough to have cleared me this highway( though I never required anything to define me- and I don’t talk about my ardours enough because I don’t miss kindnes ). I had hugely painful teenage times because of my abusive father, and my dependance on treats, poison affinities, and just the isolation of being a bit weird to begin with. It started having such a physical cause to precisely exist. Thinning hair, fluctuating force , no appetite or bunge devouring, exhorts to vommit, heavy bags under my hearts … I really don’t remember I could do it any more.

I exited carnivore again right after thanksgiving and everything is … Still now, but passable. Like, I’m still dealing with everything day by day as a normal person would, if that originates ability. I’m still trying to understand it and cope with it. The question became for me so quickly how sure I can be that this isn’t time a new practice for my hopes to be pummeled into the dirt and originate me more contemptuous? I’m still not sure. I went for a foot to the grocery store the other day and had these invasive recollects, and for the first time in so long I simply imagined “well, I’ll not tell these thought spoil my walk” and obstructed proceeding. I hindered getting paranoid that I was developing schizophrenia, or bipolar, or OCD. I was haunted with people watching me, and what they’d attend, and if everything was real, with these expansive manic and depressive bouts. But it’s feasible now … It’s weird, but it’s practicable. Everything is just weird right now, in a good way. I reckon I can live like this. I hope that depravity can stay away from me from now on.

Strange side effects: slight loss of care for beings( necessitating I don’t feel the need to serve beings or justify myself to them ), my sex drive started up even more and I’m a satyromaniac so my lover is depleted 24/7 now, all irrigate value lost, insignificant muscle amplification, huge persuasivenes increase, better ability to communicate, better sleep, even if they are I obstruct waking up either prematurely or sporadically( more remained ). Despite all of this, I don’t contemplate any of these had an effect on the depression itself, because everything felt menial before. Nothing of this would have phased me before at all. My life was already in awesome order beforehand.

TL ;D R: vanished carnivore after a long spill of recession, which are entirely squelched it’s severity- along with other benefits.

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