Global hellos, suggestions, and support in our Facebook group


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What happened in our FB group this past week? Here’s a short round-up of some highlights.

Hellos from around the world

We had more than 150 new people join the group. So on our Welcome Wednesday we invited the newbies and the veterans alike to introduce themselves, tell others where they’re from, and pick their favorite keto food from among bacon, eggs, cheese, or avocado.

We had a phenomenal response with members from every continent popping in to give a friendly hello! People chimed in from the US and Canada, all over Europe and the UK, as well as Australia, South africans, Malaysia, Colombia, the Middle East, and more.

What’s the group’s favorite keto meat? Well, that sure is a toss-up. Avocado was enjoyed by some and reviled by others, as were eggs. Cheese was a very common favorite. But of course, bacon had its most devoted and vocal tent. And some said: “Don’t establish me espouse! I affection them all! ”

Amazing success tales

As always during the week members posted their progress and their challenges. Since we value every member’s privacy, we won’t list any determining items now — the group is a safe, confidential gap to share.

But it’s always validating to see how many members are improving their health and life so dramatically.

This week representatives is not simply posted about their weight loss and diabetes changes, but also shared how long-standing manifestations helped improve. Non-scale wins included no more swollen heavy legs, IBS, joint aching, and more.

One representative shared how she had to buy brand-new gasps because all the ones she owned were now too big!

Of course, challenges were shared too. Moderators and members joined in to help find evidence-based answers and reassure each other with personal experiences.

We had a common question on what to do if your weight loss seems very slow or even stalled. Hearing about stunning and fast weight loss can be frustrating or deterring for some if their progress seems too slow compared to others.

Other representatives shared its own experience with stops of three to six months or more, and hitherto over occasion their heavines gradually came off. That sluggish footpath underlining non-scale victories was how some members described losing more than 100 pounds over three years while staying caused and positive.

“Keep with it, ” said representatives. “It took your form times to put one over the force. Give it is necessary to take it off.”

You likewise learn more about how to get the scale moving in our evidence-based guide to how to break a weight-loss stall.

Upcoming recipe challenge

Today( Saturday October 10) we’ll be cooking the keto bacon burger casserole. It’s not too late to join us to cook this recipe together. You can even cook it on Sunday and affix your photos then.

Our recipe challenge manipulates like this: During the week we take a poll about what recipe to cook and then give members a day or two to gather the ingredients. Diet Doctor moderators cook alongside members and answer any questions. When we’re done, we all berth word-paintings and compare ensues. Since members are in every time zone, the actual cooking takes situate at whatever meter is more efficient for you.

We’ll be taking another poll soon. Come weigh in on what you want to concoct together.

Keto bacon burger casseroleKeto bacon burger casseroleKeto bacon burger casserole7 g Exciting week onward

Want more rationales to come join us? Now are just a few 😛 TAGEND

We always demand member feedback about ways to improve the Diet Doctor event and to fix our information and recipes more helpful to you on your low-carb journey.

For example, last week members told us they craved a label on recipes expressing whether they freeze well. Members also discussed whether it is possible it would be helpful to list in each recipe, along with the ingredients, the cook implements that would be needed, such as an electric heater, submersion blender, spatulas, containers, and so on.

This week, on Monday I is likely to be sharing an interview I had with Diet Doctor’s primary technology polouse Manju Bharadwaj. He’ll be talking about what the IT team is up to behind the scenes and improvements that are underway to prepare your online suffer even better. He’ll be looking out for questions and suggestions you were able to, too.

And you won’t want to miss this event. On Thursday, October 15 at 1pm EST, Kristie Sullivan will be doing a special Facebook Live about retaining keto for Halloween. Ever warm, hospitable, and helpful, Kristie will cook a special recipe and see if she can make it look as spooky as the pictures. It’s sure to be fun. If you can’t watch it live, the interrogation relate will be posted so you can watch at a time convenient to you.

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