Do we actually need Vitamin E?

As for vitamin E, there’s been no recorded cases of deficiency in beings without medical disorders, even those who get incredibly little from diet, and it’s persona as an antioxidant is questionable as it was found to either not facilitate or injure those augmenting it in order to treat heart disease. So as long as I get some I am not worried.

Firstly, even in people whose diets are considered to be chronically deficient there’s been no known detected shortcomings or symptoms thereof of vitamin E besides in people who have other health complications. As far as we can tell if you are otherwise healthful and get some( even if next to none) vitamin e in your food you are fine.

Its proposed benefits to heart health and antioxidant pleasure have blown back in its face, beings with myocardial infarction/ previous heart attack who take it to improve cardio vascular health have either no benefits and sometimes a negative effect. It’s known to have some attributed helps( mane, scalp) but the possible negatives leave some questions.

Finally it only really comes in any substantial sum from wheat germ and almonds. Wild almonds are inedible and wheat harvesting is male constructed, ie nobody would have gotten any substantial extent of vitamin E before agriculture, so that points to the idea that we never needed much.

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