Weight loss and being bullied

The only thing that was keeping me moving and I was proud of was my weightloss….

Now it’s not. I feel like a failor. I’ve lost 30 kilos in 9 months. I still have a problem with binging once a week between 2000 -3 000 cals one day a week.

I fast and eat healthful and on 1000 cals all of the other days and supervised by my doctor. Low calories due to medical issues.

I’m still put down and derided online all the time when I try to mention that I’m proud of my weightloss … I’m not doing well the last two days and have had two big explosions.

I feel I’ve miscarried at everything. That I don’t want to get out if berthed anymore. No one is willing to understand and it’s all getting to much to bare..

I never promoted binging I never said any of it. I said I eat well and practise 6 dates a few weeks on 1000 cal diet. On Saturdays formerly a few weeks I munch between 2000 -3 000 cals in a dinner becouse I fast. So I merely eat once at night.

My meal is 2000 -3 000 formerly a few weeks.

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