Doctors claiming Vegan vs Carnivore diets as optimal for health

So I’ve been watching podcasts on YouTube with many doctors talking about the optimal nutrition for health and what I’ve noticed is a variety of well known doctors who are aware of the medical claims of each other but who greatly differ from each other when it comes to the optimal food for health. For now the ones that have gotten my attending more are physicians Steven Gundry, David Sinclair, Alan Goldhamer and Paul Saladino. I’ve found that they all share similar sentiments against “bad foods” when it comes to menus we already know are bad like handled concoctions, gluten and dairy but differ completely about what a balanced diet intends peculiarly the last two, while Alan Goldhamer claims that a entire flora based exclusive nutrition is best for humans and claims to have proved it through 30+ years of experience with patients, Paul Saladino strongly believes that a snout to tail animal located nutrition is best for us and has proved it through personal experience and with cases extremely but he seems to have in my opinion far more information and better interpretation of it. Can anyone please making some glowing to all of this? Because it seems like the more information I check even from “realiable” people, the more confusing this whole nutrition and health endeavouring becomes. Thanks in advance and looking forward to reading your answers 🙂

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