best free nutrition tracker for inputting your own data that wont gauge your diet for you?

I’m on a college dinner programme. Every meal has nutrition data listed on the school website. I want to input this data( calories, fatty, protein, and carbs) into an app that will give me a daily total. I can’t scan a barcode or find the meal online. I want to be able to choose my own calorie/ macro nutrient objective, as I’ve evaluated my TDEE and go through cutting and bulking seasons. I know my dietary points.

Is there an app that will let me 😛 TAGEND input my own macronutrient importances manually opt how many calories/ macro nutrients i need per daylight add up the data i input, per daytime, so i can see how much I have left to eat not force me to adhere to one of their own diets expenditure$ 0

( I’ve downloaded 3 still further but none of them let me do all of this .)

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