Vitamin C for Male Infertility and Lead Poisoning?

What is the clinical relevance of vitamin C among lead-exposed infertile followers? Compared to controls, guide artillery industry employees given 1,000 mg of vitamin C every workday for three months knew “a significant increase in sperm motility and sperm tally, as well as decrease in abnormal sperm, ” and “a significant reduction in the incidence of sperm DNA fragmentation, ” that is, marred seman DNA. Okay, but the ideal endpoint would be bouncing baby boys and girls. Enter this extraordinary little study from the University of Texas from more than 30 years ago.

Twenty-seven males with fertile spouses had been trying to have babies for years to no avail. Twenty of them please give 1,000 mg of vitamin C a day for 2 month, and 7 acted as restrains and didn’t get any vitamin C. The investigates followed up at the end of the 60 periods. By then, every single one of the wives of each of the 20 men who had gotten the vitamin C had became pregnant — 20 out of 20! After years of frustration, upturn: 100 -percent pregnant. What’s more , not a single one of the wives of men in the regulate group got pregnant. Rarely does one insure these kinds of black-and-white answers in the medical literature for any intervention.

Is the vitamin C lowering the oxidative stress from the precede, or is it actually lowering the level of lead? Sure, antioxidant supplementation can have antioxidant accomplishes, but it may fail to actually lower leading grades in the blood. Now, this was in a group of workers who were breathing lead day in and day out, and the path vitamin C may work is by simply blocking the “intestinal absorption of lead.” An earlier study presented vitamin C supplementation apparently cut induce positions by a third within six months, but that was with a whopping dose of 2 g with added zinc. Another small-time study found the same 30 percent drop with only 500 mg a day , no zinc, and in only one month. But neither of those studies had a control group of subjects who didn’t take anything, so we don’t know if their levels ought to have been tumble anyway.

Similarly, there is an approximately too-good-to-be-true study on the role of vitamin C in scavenging lead toxicity from “biosystems,” by which they meant children. They got 250 to 500 mg a day of vitamin C for a few months, and scraped “hairs-breadth” samples every month witnessed up to a 69 percent decline in lead positions. Researchers recited it in two other a small number of teenagers and assured the same amazing kind of descends in every single child. But perhaps pass elevations were just dropping throughout the whole community during that time? Without measuring lead-in degrees in a button group of adolescents not making vitamin C, we can’t be sure.

As I exemplify from 3:17 in my video Yellow Bell Peppers for Male Infertility and Lead Poisoning ?, with eight weeks of vitamin C, produce grades dropped in the blood and rose in the urine. One could is felt that the vitamin C was drawing result out of the body, but the same thing happened in the placebo group: Blood stages removed, and urine heights rose. So, it had nothing to do with the vitamin C at all. That’s why it’s always important to have a controller group.

The same utilizes with studies that appeared to show no advantage. For illustration, 36 battery manufacturing craftsmen were investigated. Each was given vitamin C, hitherto there was no change in their head status. But, perhaps their co-workers suffered a big increase in lead positions during that same time period, and the vitamin C was actually successful in keeping the subjects’ grades from rising. You don’t know without a govern group.

That’s why studies like “The the consequences of vitamin C supplementation on blood and fuzz levels of cadmium, result, and mercury” are so important. Vitamin C versus an identical-looking sugar pill placebo. The arise? The vitamin C failed to help, which really put a damper on enthusiasm for using vitamin C for guide poisoning until a now-famous study was published in 1999 that did indicate that vitamin C supplementation could lead to a decrease in blood degrees. As you can see at 4:32 in my video, after four weeks of taking a placebo , not much change occurred in blood lead heights in the power radical, which is what we’d expect. In contrast, the vitamin C radical started off at about the same blood lead level as the self-restraint group, but within one week of taking 1,000 mg of vitamin C a daylight, contribute heights fell 81 percentage. So, supplementation of vitamin C “may equip an frugal and opportune method of reducing blood-lead tiers, perhaps by reducing the intestinal absorption of lead.”

The urine lead heights didn’t change, so it’s not as if the subjects were excreting more guide in their urine to put down their blood ranks. However, most of the lead in our blood is in the red blood cells, which are recycled in the liver completely and discharged from hospital through the venom into the gut where the leading could just get reabsorbed–unless, perhaps, you’ve got a lot of vitamin C in there to block the re-absorption. But 1,000 mg done a lot of vitamin C. Would something like 200 mg, which is just about how much vitamin C you’d get in an orange and a cup of broccoli or strawberries, occupation? The investigates researched that, very. The 200 mg radical started out the same as the insure and the 1,000 mg radical, but blood induce grades didn’t genuinely move. Bummer! So, 1,000 mg seemed to work, but 200 mg didn’t. Isn’t 1,000 mg of vitamin C a bit peculiar, though? The RDA is only 60 mg. Well, actually, we may have evolved for millions of years getting closer to 600 mg a day–ten hours the current RDA–because we were eating so many fruits and greens. Okay, but could you reach 1,000 mg of vitamin C without having to take pills? Yes! That’s the amount of vitamin C, for example, that can be found in three yellow buzzer peppers.

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Note that there is nothing special about yellow buzzer peppers–other than their singular vitamin C material, that is. I exactly exploited them as a practical way to get 1,000 mg of vitamin C in whole-food form. They’re certainly easier than chewing ten oranges!

Though, recollect my video Peppers and Parkinson’s: The Assistance of Smoking Without the Risks ? So, one would expect to get all the benefits of the 1,000 mg of vitamin C with interests. Why not just take vitamin C adds-on? See Do Vitamin C Supplements Prevent Colds but Cause Kidney Stones ?.

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