More evidence shows low carb benefits blood sugar control for those with type 2 diabetes


Low-carb nutrition has become a well-recognized intervention when it comes to controlling blood sugar, especially for those with category 2 diabetes. It’s now endorsed by the ADA, Diabetes Canada, and other national institutions as an effective strategy.

This is mainly based on data showing that restricting carbs abbreviates hemoglobin A1c and improve daily median blood sugar.

Now, a small study from Denmark is pointing to lower-carb, higher-protein diets to improve blood sugar control. In fact, the findings show low-carb nutrition is superior to standard diabetes care for the degree of deviation in blood sugar.

This so-called “glycemic variability“ has been associated with an increased risk of diabetes complications. Numerous believe that even with a “good” overall daily blood sugar decipher, high variability( large-scale wavers for blood sugar high-pitcheds and lows) independently increases the risk for complications.

The study involved 16 members with form 2 diabetes taking metformin. They were randomized to eat a “low-carb high protein” diet( 31% carbs, 29% protein, 40% fatty) for two days, or a conventional diabetes nutrition( 54% carbs, 16% protein, 30% overweight) for two days. After a washout period, they then traversed over to eat the other diet.

They wore a perpetual glucose monitor( CGM) for the duration of their experiment.

Keep in head that a nutrition comprised of representatives from 31% carbohydrates is still not a true-blue low-carb diet, comprises of about 140 grams of carbs for a 1,800 calorie diet. But it is significantly lower than the 54% carb food which entails ingesting around 245 grams carbohydrates per day on a 1,800 calorie diet.

The study’s ensues were striking. Exactly about every measurement for blood sugar control was significantly better for those on the lower-carb, higher-protein diet. This includes postprandial glucose, planned glucose, glucose tour, time spent in the glucose scope, and multiple different measures of glucose variability.

While this study was small( only 16 beings ), short in duration( simply 48 hours ), and measured a liberal low-carb diet( 31% carbs ), it still testifies promising answers for the effect of carbohydrate reduction on glycemic variability.

Perhaps even more important, the results of the study also exposes how a high protein intake( 29% of calories or 137 grams on a 1,800 calorie diet) can beneficially affect blood sugar limit.

As we detail in our guide on protein and low-carb diets, some in the low-carb sphere fear that higher protein uptake can lead to increased gluconeogenesis( literally “making new glucose”) which will drive blood sugar levels higher.

This study, nonetheless, produced the opposite makes. The higher protein diet indicated better — not worse — blood sugar insure.

We will contribute this to our growing listing of studies presenting improved blood sugar restrain with a lower carb, higher protein diet. As the evidence organizes, more and more healthcare practitioners will need to take note of this potentially potent lifestyle intervention.

Are you interested in getting started with a low-carb diet? Check out our free two-week keto challenge, or our 5 weeks of keto planned, where we supply you with all the information you need to get started and succeed at a low-carb lifestyle. Thanks for say, Bret Scher, MD FACC


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