Eating Seaweed Salad May Boost Immune Function

Eating seaweed salad may improve its efficiency and effectiveness of vaccinations and cure treat fever blister, herpes, Epstein-Barr virus, and shingles.

Billions of pounds of seaweed are harvested each year, the uptake of which “has been linked to a lower incidence of chronic diseases, ” both physical and psychological. For example, women who eat more seaweed during pregnancy appear to be less depressed and experience fewer seasonal allergy manifestations. There’s a problem with these cross-sectional, correlational studies, however, in that they can’t prove cause and effect. Maybe seaweed consumption is just an indicator that parties generally are following “traditional Japanese dietary habits, ” which have lots of different aspects that could protect against disease. To know for certain whether seaweed can modulate immune perform, you have to articulated it to the test.

As I discuss issues of my video How to Boost Your Immune System with Wakame Seaweed, generally, investigates start out with in vitro studies, making in a test tube or a petri meal, which make for quicker, cheaper, and easier ventures. One study, for example, took eight different types of seaweed and essentially started seaweed teas to drip onto human immune system cells in a petri dish. Studies like these showed that the seaweed wakame, which is the kind you found under seaweed salad, can quadruple the replication possible of T cadres, which are an important part of our immune protection against viruses like herpes simplex virus.

No one actually granted seaweed to parties with herpes until a study published in 2002. Researchers gave people suffering from various herpes illness about two grams per day of unadulterated powdered wakame, which is equivalent to about a quarter cup of seaweed salad. “All fifteen patients with active Herpetic viral infections”–including herpes virus 1, the cause of oral herpes, which causes cold sores; herpes virus 2, which causes genital herpes; herpes virus 3, which causes shingles and chicken pox; and herpes virus 4, also known as Epstein-Barr virus, which causes mono–“experienced significant reduction or going of evidences, ” as “youre seeing” at 2:06 in my video. There was no control group in the study, but with no downsides to eating seaweed, why not give it a try?

Researchers also found that wakame boosted antibody make, so could it be useful to boost its efficiency and effectiveness of inoculations? The elderly are particularly vulnerable to endure and dying from influenza. While the influenza inoculation can help, ironically, the elderly are less likely to benefit from it because immune function tend to diminish as we get older. So, researchers took 70 voluntaries over the age 60. As “youre seeing” at 2:50 in my video, their baseline elevation of antibodies against a flu virus was about 10 GMT. What you’re looking for in a vaccination is to get a two-and-a-half-fold response, so we’d like to see that antibody level get up to at least 25 GMT to consider it an effective response. The inoculation only boosted heights to 15 to 20 GMT, though. What happened after the subjects were given some wakame extract every day for a month before the vaccination? Their status jumped up to 30 to 35 GMT. The researchers consumed an extract in a lozenge rather than the real thing, though, so they are unable to play this randomized placebo-controlled study. After all, it’s kind of hard to make a convincing placebo seaweed salad.

“It is hoped that the popular seaweeds feed daily in Japan, though approximately unknown around the world outside of Japanese restaurants, will be consumed…for possible immunopotentiation”–that is, immune-boosting potential–“and for attenuating the burden of infectious diseases in the elderly.”

What else can seaweed salad time( other than taste savory )? See my video Wakame Seaweed Salad May Lower Blood Pressure.

In general, sea vegetables are good sources of iodine, as I discuss in Iodine Supplements Before, During, and After Pregnancy, and may also be one reason Japanese girls have historically had such low proportions of breast cancer, which I treat in Which Seaweed Is Most Protective Against Breast Cancer ?.

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