Why does every diet seem to provide the same health benefits?

I don’t think this pole departs against the rules because I’m not looking to promote any specific diet or receive feedback on each one, merely diets as a whole. I’m not even likening them. But let me know if it contravened the rules.

Vegan, keto, carnivore, paleo, and about hundreds of thousands of others seem to claim to cure the same or same issues. Why does every diet seem to cure the same issues such as autoimmune cankers, weight loss, lusts, better scalp, and overall healthier lifestyle?

I’ve been exploring a cluster of different subreddits recently about different nutritions and they all seem to promote the same health benefits, quite a few with some scientific suggestion and every single one with anecdotal evidence.

Is it that the people following the diets might be more likely to previously do health activities and care about their health in general? Or is it that most of them tend to cut out processed foods and carbohydrates? Or something else entirely?

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